Monday, January 5, 2009

The Holidays

Okay, everyone is bugging me about getting this started. So far I've changed the background! Tiff, I remembered how to do it! WHOO HOO! Anyway...

Christmas and New Year were a blast! Shawn and I always say we're going to scale down and then...well you know. The kids had a great time!

Tyler got his Muzzleloader, a RipStick, and and Ipod docking system/alarm clock.
Holden got his Star Wars Lego set, a RipStick, and a Wii game: Star Wars Force Unleashed.
Camden got an Ipod Shuffle (another one), a scooter, and a Nintendo DS and games (he hasn't come up for air).
Addy got twin babies and a double stroller (the dolls talk, play and ARGUE with one another), a new bike, Polly Pockets, and an eisel.
PLUS, from grandparents they were more spoiled than ever!

Shawn and I had a good time family came over for crepes in the morning and his family came over for ham in the evening. It is always fun to see the family and the kids are so excited to see one another.

Then Tiff and Dylan came to stay with us for a few days. I love seeing them. Our kids were SO excited I don't think any of them slept more than 6 hours a night...they were WIRED! It was good to see them. I can't believe how big little Austin has gotten!

After that, it was New Years and more partying (thanks Gordon and Joyce)! We actually stayed up until Midnight this year! I can't believe the kids lasted.

And finally, we capped it off with Holden's BIRTHDAY! Yep, he's 11 now. All in all it was a fun filled 2 weeks for the Richins family! Thanks for reading! I'll post pictures soon!

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DT Young Family said...

Whoo Hoo! I'm so excited you've started blogging! Can't wait to see pics.
We loved playing with all of you last week! Can't wait for the next time!